Summarize Team Pulse Question Reports Using Marissa

Team Pulse is a powerful listening tool that uses the power of questions to unlock insights for managers and leaders. A recurring set of questions is sent out to employees on a set frequency to uncover insights and the root causes of issues, allowing them to guide better and make informed decisions.

Engagedly's Team Pulse module uses Marissa's artificial intelligence (AI)  to provide a summary of the responses given by employees. When all the employees give their responses, Marissa compiles this information into a summarized report, making it easier for managers and admins to understand the overall responses provided by their team. The summary provided by Marissa can help managers identify areas where their team is excelling and where improvements can be made. This information can be used to make data-driven decisions that positively impact the team's performance and overall satisfaction.

Note: You can summarize responses only for the open-ended type of questions.

To summarize the team pulse response using Marissa:

Step 1: Navigate to Admin > Team Pulse > Reports.

Step 2: Select the period from the "Period" drop-down to generate the reports.

TPAI1Step 3: On the question report, you can summarize the overall responses given by the employees for the individual questions. Click next to the individual question report.

TPAI2Step 4:  Marissa will analyze the team pulse responses and generate a summary. Review the summary to gain an overview of the insights from the responses.