Understanding the Workflow of Custom Rewards

  1. Admin adds custom reward: Admin can provide a title and description for the custom reward, specify the points required for redemption, set the quantity, and select the location where the reward can be claimed.
  2. Admin enables custom reward: The custom reward is disabled when added, and admins can enable it to make it accessible for employees to redeem.
  3. Employees redeem a custom reward: When employees accumulate sufficient reward points, they can choose to redeem custom rewards.
  4. Admin fulfills or declines the redemption: Upon employees redeeming a custom reward, the admin will be notified to fulfill or decline the redemption.
  5. Employees can track their orders: The order history report allows employees to track and review their previous reward redemptions, providing a record of rewards they have claimed and the corresponding details, such as the specific reward item and redemption date.
  6. Admin can access claim status report: The claim status report allows admin to view employees who have redeemed custom rewards. This report includes the claim details, such as the number of points redeemed, the date and location of the redemption, and the claim status.