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Getting Started

Revolutionize your employee engagement and performance management with Engagedly


Set goals, provide continuous feedback, conduct performance reviews, and create personalized development plans for employees


Set, track, and achieve your organizational and individual goals with Engagedly's intuitive goal management system


Create, deploy, and track survey assignments with unprecedented ease, efficiency, and visibility.


Empower your employees to grow and succeed with Engagedly's robust feedback system

360 Feedback

Collects feedback from multiple sources to provide a comprehensive view of an employee's skills, competencies, and areas for development


Elevate your workforce skills and knowledge with Engagedly's comprehensive learning and development platform

Team Pulse

A listening tool where employee check-ins meet real-time employee engagement pulse


Engagedly offers seamless integration with various HR systems, reporting applications, and LMS


IDP is a tool used in organizations to help employees identify their career goals, skill gaps, and areas for growth and improvement.


Automation enables organizations to automate their processes and workflows. It saves your time and resources.


Improve employee engagement and performance with regular and goal-focused check-Ins


Recognize and reward employees for their achievements and contributions to the company's success

Talent Profile

Provides a data-driven approach to identify and develop employee skills and competencies, helping organizations to optimize their workforce


Employees can connect and collaborate, share knowledge and ideas, and build a community within the organization


Create and join groups based on interests, projects, or departments, and share information, files, and updates in a centralized platform


Provides concise and actionable recommendations to improve employee performance and engagement


Provides an intuitive interface for taking and storing notes, along with tagging employees to quickly find the important information

Skill Assessments

Evaluate and enhance employee skills, boosting the productivity and competitiveness of the organization


Manage a central repository of all resources

Engagement Survey

The Engagement Survey is a tool to measure and analyze employee engagement and satisfaction within your organization.