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Getting Started

Revolutionize your employee engagement and performance management with Engagedly

Goals and OKRs

Transform your organization from an activity-based performance culture to an outcome-based culture


Enhance organizational productivity and efficiency through data-driven performance metrics and insights

360 Feedback

Foster a Culture of Continuous Improvement with multi-dimensional Feedback from people within and outside the organization

LXP (Learning)

An AI-powered adaptive learning tool that provides a more personalized and engaging learning experience


Empower employees to reach their full potential by providing opportunities for individual development and career advancement

Real-time Feedback

Cultivate a culture of openness and improvement by facilitating real-time constructive feedback exchanges

Meetings Module

Effective one-on-one and team meetings to improve productivity through collaborative conversations driven by agendas and action items


Empower managers to provide personalized guidance and support to employees through coaching sessions

Team Pulse

A listening tool where employee check-ins meet real-time employee engagement pulse

Employee Social

Foster collaboration and strengthen team bonds through a social platform tailored for workplace interactions


Facilitate communication and collaboration among teams based on interests or projects through group-based interaction in a centralized platform


Gather valuable insights and feedback from employees to drive informed decision-making and improve organizational processes

Engagement Survey

Measure and analyze employee engagement and satisfaction within your organization.


Recognize and incentivize exceptional performance with a customizable rewards system


Streamline communication between managers and employees through regular check-ins to provide feedback and support

Talent Profile

Build comprehensive profiles of employee skills, experiences, and achievements to support talent management strategies

Skill Assessments

Evaluate and enhance employee skills to boost their productivity and organization competitiveness


Encourage employee engagement and innovation by soliciting and implementing actionable suggestions


Streamline note-taking and information retrieval with an intuitive interface and employee tagging feature for efficient information management


Provide easy access to essential org resources and materials to support employee development and performance


Engagedly offers seamless integration with various HR systems, reporting applications, and LMS

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