Access audit log

An audit log is a feature that provides admins with a comprehensive view of user activities within the system and promotes a more secure and efficient organizational workflow. The admins can access the audit log to track and monitor all the users’ activities, such as login, logout, any actions on the apps, and email activities.

You can also track the actions on Engagedly and different HRIS platforms for adding employees and updating information in their profiles. Tracking these actions ensures comprehensive oversight and management of employee data across different platforms. This helps identify discrepancies in data entry and ensures that employee information is up-to-date and synchronized across platforms.

Note: You can view the HRIS platform name for the employees who are synced and updated on it.

You can view and export the data from the audit log and email activity.

Navigate to Settings > Activity Logs.

  1. Click Audit Log or Email Activity as required.
  2. Click the Overflow Overflow Menu-4 Menu at the top right and click Export.

Audit log1-1