Access Billing details

Billing involves subscriptions, payment information, and invoices. Only the admins can access billing details.

It includes the following information:

  • Subscription details give the specific packages that your organization has opted for and details of the next billing cycle.
  • Card details include your organization's credit and/or debit card information to make the payments automatically.
  • The billing address is used to process payments and generate invoices.
  • The shipping address is used to ensure timely and accurate deliveries.
  • Billing notifications are automated reminders sent to inform you the payment dues, transactions, payments, and subscription updates.
  • Invoices are detailed payment information, itemizing the purchased products and their costs.

You can add card details, billing address, and shipping address.

You can manage billing notifications. You can select all the admins to notify them about billing, any specific user, or any specific email address of your organization.

Navigate to Settings > Billing.

Note: Users with manage billing permissions will receive all billing notifications.