Overview of Integrations

Integrations allow information to flow from various integrated apps into the Engagedly platform, enabling the admins to sync data seamlessly. Integration aims to improve efficiency, streamline administrative workflows, processes, and enhance functionality.

Engagedly offers you different types of integrations, such as

Integrations for User Sync

If you have a Human Resource Information System (HRIS), such as Bamboo HR, Namely, or ADP, you can seamlessly sync all users’ and user-related information into the Engagedly platform, simplifying your work. You can manage and update any user-related information on the HRIS that will automatically sync to Engagedly. This ensures that data remains consistent between the two platforms, saving time and effort in managing user information.

Integrations for SSO (Single Sign-On)

SSO integration enables you to access multiple applications with a single login credentials. It simplifies your authentication and enhances security by centralizing login processes.

Integrations for LMS (Learning Management System)

If you have a subscription to a learning management system like Udemy, LinkedIn Learning, Go1, OpenSesame, or Biz Library, you can export the courses from these platforms and publish them on Engagedly. This allows the employees in your organization to access and take the courses.

Integrations for Goals

If you have a subscription with Salesforce, JIRA, or Google Sheets and if you update the progress of goals in any of these platforms, the progress will automatically reflect in Engagedly goals.

You can access the integrations.

Navigate to Settings > Integrations.

You can view all the integrated apps.

Click the integrated app and toggle the button to enable it.

Learn how to integrate the apps.

You can efficiently manage administrative processes and simplify workflows with seamless integration between the two platforms.