Add and manage notes

Any participants can add notes to each discussion point and manage them if required. Adding notes to discussion points in a meeting is necessary to capture important details, decisions, and action items for reference, clarification, and follow-up.

You can also set the visibility for your notes, controlling who can view them and ensuring that confidential information is only accessible to authorized participants.

Navigate to the Candy Candy box1 Box on the left pane and select Meetings.

Add notes

You can add notes to each discussion point.

  1. Click a meeting.
  2. Click Add notes below every discussion point.


        Hover over the discussion point and click the Plus Plus-3 Icon.

  3.   Type the notes and click Save.

Add and manage notes1

Manage notes

After adding notes, you can manage the ones that you create if required.

Hover over the notes and click the Edit edit grey-2 or Delete Delete Grey Icon as required.

Add and manage notes2

Set visibility

While creating notes, you can set their visibility.

Click the drop-down in the Visibility field and select Private to You or All Participants as required.

Add and manage notes3