Add and Manage question categories in Team Pulse

The question category refers to grouping the related questions based on specific topics. The admins can add categories, making it easy to locate and select relevant questions for Team Pulse.

Add Category

  • Add the category from Manage Categories.
     Navigate to Settings > Team Pulse > Manage Categories.
     Click + Add Category and type the category name to add.

    Manage categories
  • Add the category while creating a questions.
    Navigate to Team Pulse > Manage Questions.
    1.    In the Add Question drop-down menu, select Create New Question.

    Manage categories1
    2.    In the Question Category drop-down menu, click + Add Category.
    3.    Type the category name and click Save.

    Manage categories2

Manage Category

You can manage the categories by editing and deleting them.

Navigate to Settings > Team Pulse > Manage Categories.

Edit Category

You can edit the category, ensuring it is accurately labeled and aligned with the intended purpose of the questions.

Hover over the category and click the Pencil Pen-1 Icon to edit.

Click outside the category box to save the changes.

Delete Category

You can delete the category.

Hover over the category and click the Delete Delete Grey Icon to delete.

Note: If you delete a category, the questions from the deleted category will remain available in the Uncategorized section.