Add discussion points from other modules

Any participant can add discussion points to a meeting from other modules like Feedback, Goals, Growth, and Team Pulse, facilitating a holistic and productive meeting environment for discussing various aspects.

Note: Adding discussion points from these modules will make certain details visible to all meeting participants, irrespective of their visibility in their respective modules.

Navigate to the Candy Candy box1 Box on the left pane and select Meetings.

  1. Click a meeting.
  2. In the Modules drop-down, select a module as required.

Let us select the Goals module to understand the participant’s actions.

Add discussion points from other modules1

  3.  Click the Calendar Master Component-6 Icon at the top right and set the period based on which you can select goals.

  4.   Click the drop-down to select a participant for whom you can select goals.

  5.   Select a goal or multiple goals as required, and click Add at the top right.

Add discussion points from other modules2

Note: You can follow the same procedure for other modules.