Add Learners to the Training Session

A training session refers to a specific course unit or workshop designed to help employees develop their skills, knowledge, or abilities.

Adding learners to a training session is selecting and adding the learners to the training session. After adding learners, they can attend the training session offline or online based on the slot type selected. It can help organizations to improve their workforce's skills and knowledge.

To add learners to the training session:

Step 1: Navigate to Admin > Learning > Courses and select a course.


Step 2: Go to the Training Session section and click ATTENDING. 2-Apr-21-2023-09-06-19-9656-AM

Step 3: Click ADD to add learners to the training session.3-Apr-21-2023-09-32-11-6036-AM

Step 4: Select the "Employee" check box to add all employees to the training session OR select the check box for individual employees to add them to the training session. Click NEXT.4-Apr-21-2023-11-09-31-0977-AM

Note: You can add only the available capacity of learners to the training session.

The "Available Capacity" indicates the maximum number of learners who can access and participate in training sessions. 

Step 5: Select the Mark learners as 'Attended' checkbox to mark learners as attended the training session and click ADD.

The "Mark learners as Attended" function helps admins to mark learners as attended when learners attended the training session without enrolling.