Automatic Goal status updates

The auto-update feature provides accurate progress by automatically updating the progress of the objective or Key Results.

Expected progress assumes a timeline for achieving the Goal and is calculated by taking the start and end dates into consideration. For example, if the Goal start date is April 1 and the end date is April 30, then on April 15th, the expected progress will be 50%. 

Actual progress is the current progress that you make while checking in to your Goal.

Note: Even after the Goal ends, you can update its progress.

Enable automatic Goal status change

Navigate to Settings > Goals > Settings.

  1. Select Enable goal Status and select Enable automatic goal status change to update all Goals automatically based on their progress.
  2. Click SAVE.


How is your Goal status calculated?

Expected Progress = (No. of days elapsed since the start date / Total no. of days) X 100