Award points

Employees can award discretionary points to others in the organization. You can view the leaderboard.

Note: You can award points only if the admin gives you permission.

Navigate to Rewards > Overview.

You can view the available points and their validity, badges, and gamification rules.

  1. Click AWARD POINTS at the top right.


       Click the Add Quick Action Icon at the top left and select Give Discretionary Points.

Award and redeem points1

  2.   Search and select the employee(s) and select a badge.

  3.   Enter the points and type your message.

  4.   Search and select the employee(s) you want to share with, and click SAVE.

View leaderboard

You can view the leaderboard, which ranks the employees based on the points they have received.

Navigate to Rewards > Leaderboard.

Award and redeem points4