Comment on IDP Created by Your Team Member

The use of commenting on a team member's IDP for a manager can include:

  • Collaboration: The manager can collaborate with the team member to identify areas of development and provide suggestions to support their development plans.
  • Identifying Training Needs: The manager can identify any training needs for the team member and provide resources to support their learning.

  • Tracking Progress: The manager can track the progress of the team member's IDPs and provide ongoing support to achieve their development plans.

To comment on IDP created by the team member:

Step 1: Navigate to Growth > My Team.

Step 2: By default, you can comment on your direct report's IDP, you can also comment on your secondary and entire team member's IDPs. Click the Filter Master Component-1 Icon and select My Secondary Team or My Entire Team to comment on your secondary or entire team member's IDP.
3-Apr-12-2023-12-54-15-4373-PMStep 3: Select the team member under "My Team" and click the Comment Master Component-49 Icon on any IDP.
Step 4: Type your comment and click the Post Master Component-37 Icon to post your comment.