Configure settings

Admins have access to the configure settings.  You can manage the following features:

  • Social Feed

  • Settings

  • Features

Social Feed

The Social Feed contains all the social feeds posted by the employees. If you view any inappropriate posts, you can remove them.

Navigate to Settings > Social > Social Feed.

  • You can access the Social Feeds to see the post type, the person who posted it, and when it was posted.

  • You can delete any post. Click the Delete Delete Grey Icon to remove the post.

Social Feed


The Social Settings allows you to set welcome posts to greet new employees when they join the organization and celebrate birthdays and work anniversaries. 

Navigate to Settings > Social > Settings.

  1. Select Enable Welcome Post

  2. Type your message in the required field.

  3. Click SAVE.

Social Settings


The Social Features provides options to activate the following features for the employees:

  • Enable Ask For Help

  • Enable Idea Sharing

  • Enable Knowledge Sharing

  • Enable Status Update

Navigate to Settings > Social > Features.

Select the options you want to activate for your employees and click SAVE.

Social Features