Create and manage skills

Skills are the specific abilities or proficiencies that individuals possess, enabling them to perform certain tasks or activities effectively. Admins can create skills, add them to the skills library, and manage them if required. They can create categories to group the related skills based on common characteristics.

Navigate to Settings > Skills.

  • Click Skill Library and click CREATE.
  • Click the Overflow Overflow Menu-Aug-10-2023-03-16-41-2641-PM Menu to manage the categories and import and export the skills.

You can view the proficiency scale used to measure employees' proficiency in their skills. You can configure the proficiency scale based on your organization's requirements.

  • Click Settings and click the Overflow Overflow Menu-Aug-10-2023-03-16-41-2641-PM Menu to change the proficiency scale.
  • Click View Audit Log to track and monitor any changes made to the proficiency scale.
  • Hover over each rating on a proficiency scale, click the Edit edit grey-3 Icon to edit it, and click outside the box to save it.

You can enable the Skill Assessments for employees and choose to notify both the manager and employees and/or only employees to rate the employees’ skills.

Note: If disabled, the Skill Assessments will remain hidden in the employees’ talent profile.

Creating and managing skills empower admins to make informed decisions about employees’ talent management, leading to a more efficient and productive workforce.