Add Milestone for IDP

Creating an Individual Development Plan (IDP) allows the employees to add milestones for the IDP. Milestones are significant achievements that are used to measure progress toward the IDP. We can add resources and files to the milestones. These courses and files include training modules, videos, or other materials that support the development of the specific skills or knowledge required to achieve the milestone.

To add milestone for IDP:

Step 1: Navigate to Growth > My Team.

Step 2: Select the team member from the users list.

Step 3: Click on the IDP created.

1-Apr-13-2023-05-20-10-6753-AMStep 4: The "IDP Details" window opens, click Add Milestone

2-Apr-13-2023-05-20-31-7410-AMStep 5: Type description for the milestone added.

Step 6: Click Add Resources to add courses to the milestone. 


Step 7: Select the courses and click Add to add the resources.


Note: You can add all the courses that are in the library.

Step 8: Click the Attach Icon to upload a file if any.

Step 9: Click Add to add the milestone.