Create Training Session

Creating a training session in the learning module means setting up a specific training program or session that employees can attend to acquire knowledge or skills.

To create training session:

Step 1: Navigate to Admin > Learning > Courses.

Step 2: You can add a training session unit to the existing course or create a new course and add a training session to it.

Step 3: Click + Add Unit under the "Units" section to add a unit to the course.

Step 4: Select Training Session as the unit type.

Step 5: Type your unit title. Add a description for the unit if required.

Step 6: Set the estimated time to complete the unit.

Step 7: Click Save to create the unit.


Step 8: Type your slot title on the training session details page. 

Step 9: Set the date and time for the training session.

Step 10: Select the time zone.


Step 11: Select the slot type. 

Classroom - A classroom is a physical space where learners gain information from an instructor. It typically involves face-to-face interactions between the learners and the instructors.

Webinar - A webinar is a virtual event that is conducted online. You can add webinar links to the slot if online classes are conducted.

Step 12: Add capacity to the slot if required OR leave the capacity section blank for no limit.

Note: If the limit is 4, admins can add a maximum of 4 learners to the training session.

Step 13: Search and select the instructor for the training session.

Step 14: You can add location for a classroom training session and webinar links for a webinar training session.

Step 15: Add details for your training session if required. 

Step 16: Click +Add Reminder to send the reminder notification to learners. You can use In app, emails, or both features to send reminders.

Step 17: Set the period to send the reminder.

Step 18: Click Save to save the training session slot settings.


Step 19: Click Publish to publish the course with added training session.


After publishing the course, you can add learners to the training session.