Follow and unfollow a Goal

Employees can follow and unfollow individual and Top Level Goals. By following the Goals, you can view how their work contributes to the team and the organization.

You can perform the following action as a Goal follower:

  • View Goal progress
  • View the hierarchy of the Goal
  • Praise Goal owner
  • View Goal information

Follow a Goal

You can follow other employee Goals in the organization from the Goals directory and any Top Level Goals from the Top Level Goals tab.

Navigate to Home > Goals > Goals Directory.

  1. Select an employee and select a Goal.
  2. Click Follow.
Follow a Goal

Unfollow a Goal

You can unfollow a Goal whenever required.

Navigate to Home > Goals > My Goals > Followed / Discussed by Me.

  • Select the Goal, click Following, and click Unfollow.
Unfollow a Goal