Glossary in Growth

A list of specific terms and their definitions used in Growth.

  • Individual Development Plan (IDP): A tool individuals use to set career goals and plan their professional growth.
  • IPD Status: It defines the progress of the IDPs, which are categorized into four statuses:
  • Not Started: Employees have not started working on their IDP and may need additional support to get started.
    • Active: Employees are working on their IDP, monitoring progress, and taking steps to achieve milestones.
    • On Hold: Employees have paused their IDP and can resume it when they rework on it.
    • Completed: Employees have completed all milestones and achieved the IDP.

Note: Employees can mark IDPs as completed regardless of any incomplete milestones.

  • Milestone: A milestone is a specific and measurable achievement that marks progress toward IDP.
  • Talent Profile: It includes an employee's personal information, work experience, professional development, skills, competencies, performance reviews, and career goals, providing an overview of their strengths, feedback, and potential for growth within the organization.
  • Put On Hold: Temporarily pausing an IDP until the employee is ready to pursue it again.
  • Career aspirations: A survey designed to gather information about employees' career goals, ambitions, and aspirations.
  • Manager’s Team:
    • My Team: The employees directly report to the manager (manager’s direct reports).
    • Secondary Team: The employees who report to the direct reports of the manager.
    • Entire team: It includes both the employees who directly report to the manager and those who report to the manager's direct reports.