Glossary in Feedback

A list of specific terms and their definitions used in Feedback.

  • Feedback categories: Feedback categories are classifications used to organize feedback into specific areas.
  • SBI framework: It is used to provide different types of feedback.
    • Situation: Describes the specific situation under which the behavior occurred.
    • Behavior: Describes the observed behavior of the employee.
    • Impact: Indicates the outcomes of the behavior.
  • Member average: It is the average number of incoming feedback that employees receive.
    It is calculated by
    Member average = No. of feedback received/Total team members.
  • Response rate: It shows how many employees have responded to feedback requests. It is calculated by
    Response rate = No. of responded feedback requests/No. of feedback requests made X 100.
  • Incoming feedback: Feedback received from others.
  • Outgoing feedback: Feedback that employees share about others.
  • Incoming requests: Feedback requests received by others.
  • Outgoing requests: Feedback that the employees requested from others.
  • Request: Request feedback about self and others.
  • Share: The employee can share feedback about others.
  • Anonymous: The feedback provider's identity remains anonymous.
  • Pin: A pinned post appears at the top of the Social Feed.
  • Manager’s team:

    • My Team: The employees directly report to the manager (manager’s direct reports).
    • Secondary Team: The employees who report to the direct reports of the manager.
    • Entire team: It includes both the employees who directly report to the manager and those who report to the manager's direct reports.
  • Sort feedback: 
    • All: Shows the feedback about you and other employees.
    • About you: Shows only your feedback.
    • About others: Shows feedback about other employees.
  • Tags: Keywords that you attach to the posts.