Glossary of terms in Goals

Engagedly offers you a comprehensive list of specific terms and their definitions, ensuring clear explanations of the terminologies used in Goals.

The terms include:

My Goals: All the Goals related to you, including drafts, Goals you own, Goals you have assigned to others, and Goals you follow.

Assigned by Me: Goals that you create and assign to others.

Drafts: Draft Goals are in progress that you have to complete and publish.

Followed/Discussed by Me: Goals that you follow or discuss even if you are not working on them.

Goals Directory: All the published Goals in the organization. The Goals in the Goals directory are limited to their set visibility.

Goal Period: The duration between the Goal start date and end date. 

Goal Status: It defines the progress of the Goal. Goals are categorized into five statuses:

  • Not Started: The employee has not started the Goal.
  • On Track: The employee is working to achieve the Goal and expected to complete it on time.
  • Behind: The employee is progressing to achieve the Goal but has not completed it. However, the employee can get the Goal back on track.
  • At Risk: The employee needs clarification about the Goal and might not complete it on time.
  • Achieved: The Goal is completed.

Measurement Type: Measure Goals based on the percentage, quantity, and checkbox.

  • Percentage allows you to measure a goal’s progress based on the percentage (0 to 100). When a goal reaches 100 percent, it is marked as achieved.
  • Quantity allows you to select a unit type, start value, and target (end) value to hit the goal.
  • Milestone allows you to mark the goal as completed once it is achieved.

Owned by Me: Goals that you create and have to complete. You can also assign it others.

Business Unit Goals: Goals created for Business Units.

Department Goals: Goals created for Departments.

Organization Goals: Goals created for the Organization.

Top Level Goals: Includes Business Unit, Department, and Organizational Goals.

Visibility: Users who can view a goal. By default, your entire reporting hierarchy can view a Goal created by you. You may add or remove others from the list except for the reporting hierarchy.

Contributing Goals: are the sub-goals that contribute to a Goal and also contribute to another individual Goal.

Aligned goals: Aligned goals enable you to align your Goals with the organization’s Goals. Aligned goals do not contribute to the parent goal unless the owner marks it as contributing.