Glossary of terms in Social

Engagedly offers you a comprehensive list of specific terms and their definitions, ensuring clear explanations of the terminologies used in Social.

The terms include:

Acknowledge Comment: Users can acknowledge the comments. The commenter knows that their message is noted.

Ask for Help: Requesting help to address a specific problem.

Attach: The purpose of sharing additional information, such as images or files, to a post.

Share Idea: It is a creative and conceptual idea that can be developed into a plan, project, or solution.

Share Knowledge: It provides others with information, insights, or expertise, contributing to their understanding and learning.

Share Status: It provides a brief update or statement about one's current activities, thoughts, or feelings in a communication context.

Share With: Providing information collaboratively with whom you wish to share your Post.

Tags: They are labels or keywords that are assigned to the posts.