Glossary of terms in Surveys

Engagedly offers you a comprehensive list of specific terms and their definitions, ensuring clear explanations of the terminologies used in Surveys.

The terms include:

  • Survey Manager: Admins can give access to any employee within the organization by assigning them the Survey Manager role and allowing them to create and manage Survey.
  • Respondents: Employees or any individuals who respond to the Survey.
  • Author: The one who creates a Survey is an author who can manage Survey and respondents.
  • Co-author: The author can make admins and Survey managers as co-authors, allowing them the same abilities as an author.
  • Authored by You: The user is an author or co-author of the Survey and can perform all the author's actions.
  • Authored by Others: The user is not an author and can only view the Survey created by others. They cannot perform all the author’s actions.
  • Push to template library: The author can push the template to the template library and make it available to admins and Survey managers.
  • Assignment: The author can share a Survey in the form of assignments.
  • Recurrence: The author can schedule the assignment(s) to recur at regular intervals.
  • Question type: The author can create various question types in a Survey to collect responses from the respondents. These question types are designed to capture specific data and serve different purposes. It includes:
  • Multiple choice: Allow respondents to select single or multiple options from a list of choices.
  • Rating scale: Allow respondents to rate their opinions on a scale of one to five.
  • Employee Net Promoter Score: Allows respondents to measure the likelihood of their workplace recommending to others.
  • Text: Allow respondents to provide open-ended responses with text input.
  • Matrix: Allow respondents to select an answer for each row inside a question grid.
  • Date/Time: Allow respondents to provide date and time information.