Assign the Learning Manager Role

The site admin can give permission to any other user to become a Learning Manager. As a Learning Manager, the user can manage all the learning modules. A Learning Manager can import courses and assign them to other members of the organization. 

1. Navigate to Settings > User Management > Roles and Permissions.b1.png

2. Under "User Management", click Roles & Permissions to view the roles and permissions assigned to the users of the organization.


3. Under "Roles & Permissions", click Learning Manager, which contains all the permissions for managing Learning.j6.png

4. The "Learning Manager" window opens and click Assign role.j9.png

5. Select Users to assign the Learning Manager role or select Groups to assign the role to groups in the organization. You can Search & Select the users or groups to assign the Learning Manager role. Click SAVE once you are done assigning the role.j10.png

Note: Anyone in the organization can be permitted to become the Learning Manager.