Export/Download Active Users Learning Reports

Admins and managers can download the active users learning reports by enabling the employee status column and unchecking the blocked users from the filter.

Follow the steps below to export/download the active learners report:

Step 1: Navigate to Admin/Teams > Learning > Reports

Step 2: To enable the employee status column, click the Overflow Menu Master_Component-12.png Icon and select Manage Columns.50c21770-445d-42df-aaef-f0b4780edab9.pngStep 2: Scroll down to the bottom and select the Employee Status column.c13d15f0-0d04-4b5b-93b4-b8bd87e896e3.pngStep 3: Click the Filter Master_Component-18.png Icon in the Employee Status column and uncheck Blocked to remove blocked users from the list.49efad72-5755-4749-94ed-595525023c60.pngStep 4: Click the Overflow Menu Master_Component-12.png Icon and select Export to download the Learning Report with active users.4a5923ed-04e0-4267-801c-dd6fda1959f5.png