Delete Go1 Courses

Admins can delete the imported Go1 courses. The deleted courses will no longer be available to the user.

Follow the steps below to delete the imported Go1 courses.

Step 1: Navigate to Admin > Learning > Courses.

Step 2: Click Authored by You tab to see all the courses owned by you.Delete_imp_courses1.png

Step 3: Click the filter icon, and from the “All Providers” drop-down menu, select Go1 to see all the imported Go1 courses. Delete_imp_courses2.png
Step 4: Select the course you want to delete. Delete_imp_courses3.png
Step 5: Click the Overflow menu and select Delete Course. Delete_imp_courses4.png
Step 6: The “Delete Course” confirmation pop-up appears, click DELETE. Delete_imp_courses5.png
The course is now deleted and will no longer be accessible to users. Delete_imp_courses6.png
Note: You cannot delete a course with a learner is in progress.