Manage Co-Authors for Go1 Courses

When a course is imported to Engagedly, the importer becomes the co-author. The co-author can add multiple co-authors for a course.

Follow the steps below to add a co-author for the Go1 course.

Step 1: Navigate to Admin > Learning > Courses.

Step 2: Under the Authored by You tab, select the Go1 course to add a co-author.
Add_author.pngStep 3: Click the Overflow menu and select Edit Info to view the course details.Add_author2.png

Step 4: Click Show Advanced Settings from “EDIT COURSE“ to see the author-related information. Add_author3.pngStep 5: Search and select the co-author you want to add or replace.

Step 6: Click UPDATE to save the changes.Add_author4.pngThe co-author is added to the course now. Add_author5.png

Alternatively, manage the co-author of a course from the Info tab

Step 1: Go to the Info tab to view the course details.Learning_added1.png

Step 2: Under "Info,” click Manage to edit co-author-related course information.Learning_added2.png

Step 3: Add a new co-author or replace the current co-author for the course and click Save to make the changes.


The co-author is added to the course now.