Assign Go1 Courses to Employees

Admins and learning managers can assign the imported Go1 courses to the employees.

Follow the steps below to assign Go1 courses to the employees.

Step 1: Navigate to Admin > Learning > Courses.

Step 2: Under Authored by You tab, select the course you want to assign to the employees.Add_competency1.png

Step 3: Click ASSIGN and select Assign to Members.

Note: You can also assign a course to the groups.Assign_course1.png

Step 4: Select the employees you want to assign the course to and click NEXT. Assign_course2.png
Step 5: Set the course with or without a due date. You can also set a reminder for the course with a due date. Assign_course3.png
Step 6: Click ASSIGN to assign the course(s). Assign_course4.png
The employees can now take the courses.