Learning Automation

Workflow automation for learning enables admins to assign courses automatically to employees. 

Assign Courses to Users

Follow the steps below to create a learning automation

Step 1: Navigate to Admin > Automation

Step 2: Click Add Workflow to create a workflow.1.png

 Step 3: Type your workflow title.2.png
 Step 4: Select the trigger point.

You can select the following trigger points:

  • When a user is “added”

  • When a user is “updated”

  • When a user is “added or updated”3.png

 Step 5: From "Conditions," select the field and the operator. You can assign courses to the users based on the date of hire, department, business unit, job title, manager, and tenure.Workflow2.png
 Step 6: In this scenario, select the field as “Date of Hire,” the operator as “Is,” and select the hire date.5.png
 Step 7: Click +Add Condition to add multiple conditions.6.png
 Step 8: From the “Actions” drop-down, select Assign Course.7.png
 Step 9: Select the courses you want to assign and click Save.8.png
 Step 10: Select the Due Date toggle button to Yes to set the due date for the course assigned.9.png
 Step 11: To schedule the action for a specific time period, select the Schedule toggle button to Yes.10.png
 Step 12: Click Save to save the setting.11.png
 Step 13: The workflow is now created.12.png