HiBob Integration

HiBob is a Human Resources Information System (HRIS) that provides various HR tools and features to manage employee data and HR operations. Engagedly is a performance management software that helps organizations to manage and track employee performance, goals, and development plans.
The integration between HiBob and Engagedly allows organizations to synchronize employee data between the two systems, enabling a seamless HR and performance management workflow. With this integration, HR professionals can easily access employee data from HiBob within Engagedly, eliminating the need for manual data entry or import/export processes.


  • HiBob and Engagedly accounts: To integrate, you must have an active account with both HiBob and Engagedly.
  • Credentials: You need to obtain service user(with appropriate permission set) credentials.
  • Mapping Fields: Mapping fields is the process of aligning and connecting data between the two systems. This is typically done by mapping specific data fields in one system to corresponding fields in the other system.

    For example, when mapping fields between HiBob and Engagedly, you might map the "employee ID" field in HiBob to the "employee ID" field in Engagedly, and the "job title" field in HiBob to the "job title" field in Engagedly. This ensures that data is accurately transferred between the two systems and eliminates any discrepancies or errors that might arise from manual data entry. 

Note: If you require custom mappings our customer support team can provide assistance.

  • Auto-sync:  To integrate HiBob with Engagedly, you will be required to specify the frequency at which auto-sync occurs.

Integration Setup

Step 1: To integrate HiBob with Engagedly, please contact support@engagedly.com.

Step 2:  Upon requesting HiBob integration, our customer support team will validate that all prerequisites have been met.

Step 3: When the validation has been approved, our customer support team will initiate the integration process by reaching out to the engineering team.

Step 4: Our engineering team will start the integration process by mapping the necessary HiBob fields to the corresponding Engagedly fields.

Step 5: Once the mapping process is complete, the site admin can add new employees to HiBob.

Step 6: The newly added employees to HiBob will be synced automatically to Engagedly. Once the auto-sync process is complete, an Email notification will be sent to the site admin regarding the sync status.