Add training resources to Marissa

Marissa, Engagedly’s artificial intelligence (AI) assistant, is designed to support admin, site admin, managers, and employees in creating a highly engaged and high-performance organization. Its new feature, Ask Marissa, has the ability to learn, adapt, and assist users with their queries.

The site admin can add resources to the Training Resources, such as internal documents, policies, and handbooks of the organization. Marissa AI gets trained on the resources that you add and instantly helps your employees when searching for them.

Ask Marissa offers valuable features, including providing comprehensive information on Engagedly products and relevant citations. It also functions as a best practice bot for HR resources. By leveraging its capabilities, the HR team can delegate redundant and time-consuming tasks to Ask Marissa and focus on their strategic objectives.

Learn more in Marissa, your AI enablement coach.

Note: The Training Resources feature is available only if Marissa AI is enabled for your account. If not, you can contact the account manager to enable Marissa AI.

Navigate to Settings > Marissa.


You can click ADD RESOURCE and select either Upload File or Fetch From Link as required.

If you select Upload File, you can attach PDF and DOCX files.

If you select Fetch From Link, adding URLs that do not require login is recommended.

It takes a few seconds to upload after adding the resource(s). You can see the status Processing while Marissa AI is getting trained to compile the information. Once the resource(s) are uploaded, you can see the status Available, which indicates that Marissa AI is prepared to assist users with their needs and queries. Refresh the page to see the updated status.

You can also add the existing resources to Marissa AI.

Navigate to Candy Box Candy box > Resources.

  • Click the Overflow Menu Overflow Menu-Oct-11-2023-07-43-45-1628-AM Icon on the file and send the file to Marissa AI.


Note: All employees of the organization can access all the resources that you add in the Resources and Training Resources. You cannot restrict the accessibility of resources to particular employees.

Access Marissa AI

1. Click the Help Icon at the bottom right of the screen.

2. Select Ask Marissa and type your question.

Marissa AI compiles the information and provides a quick response along with the citation.


You can view your search history anytime in Ask Marissa.