I was wondering if there was functionality to provide visibility to all employees' goals?

Only admins can see everyone's goals in the organization.

Navigation: Admin > Goals > Goals

  1. Select My Org from the drop-down menu to view all the goals in the organization.
    DEV (41)
  2. Click on the numbers next to each member and the list of goals will expand.

If you want other members (non-admin) to have access to My Org, you need to create a permission with the respective capability and assign it to them.

Navigation: Settings > Users Management > Roles & Permissions

  1. Click New Role.
  2. Enter the required details about this role.
  3. Select the following permission from the list.
    DEV (43)
  4. Click Add.
  5. Click Assign role.
    DEV (46)
  6. Search & Select the users and click Save.
    DEV (45)

Note: Unfortunately, we do not have a way to bulk assign permission to everyone hence, you may need to contact us and we will do that for you from our end.