Key Terms of IDP


IDP stands for Individual Development Plan. It is a tool individuals use to identify their career goals and create a plan for their professional development. IDP can be used by employees at all levels of an organization, from entry-level employees to senior executives, to set plans, develop new skills, and improve their performance in their current role or prepare for future roles.


A milestone is a specific and measurable achievement or progress point an individual sets as a target in their Individual Development Plan (IDP). It serves as a checkpoint to track progress towards the individual's professional development plans and to ensure that they are making progress towards achieving their IDP.


The nudge is a reminder notification to encourage an individual to take action toward their IDP. It is a gentle push or encouragement that reminds individuals to stay on track and take the necessary steps to accomplish their IDP.

Talent Profile

A Talent Profile is a collection of information about an employee's skills, competencies, and career aspirations. It provides a comprehensive overview of an employee's strengths, performance, feedback, and potential for growth within the organization. 

Put On Hold

The Put on Hold of an IDP means that the IDP has been temporarily paused, and it should eventually be moved back to Active status when employees are ready to resume pursuing their IDPs.

Mark as Complete

Users typically use the Mark as Complete feature to indicate that a specific development plan or milestone has been accomplished.