LinkedIn Learning Integration Setup

This integration allows Site Administrators/Learning Managers/Managers to browse and import content from LinkedIn Learning to the Engagedly site. Learners can seamlessly browse, access, and track the progress of LinkedIn Learning courses from within Engagedly. 


Prerequisites for using the Engagedly / LinkedIn Learning integration:  

  • Access to the Engagedly platform.

  • Contact Support to enable and add Linkedin Learning to the integration list.
  • Access to the Professional LinkedIn Learning subscription.

  • The user must be on LinkedIn and Engagedly with the same Email ID.

Setting up Engagedly Integration within LinkedIn Learning

Before setting up the integration in Engagedly, you must obtain the Client ID and Client Secret from LinkedIn.

1. As an administrator, navigate to the LinkedIn Learning admin interface.

2. Hover over Me in the top-right corner, then select Integrate.


3. Select the Access content and reports via the API tab.

4. Expand the Generate LinkedIn Learning REST API Application section.


5. Click Add application.


6. Enter the Application Name and description in the required fields. 

7. Mark Content and Report as selected under Choose keys. Click Next.


8. Click Agree and Save on the Terms and Conditions page.


9. Hover over the respective Client Id and Client Secret to copy them.


Setting up the LinkedIn Learning Integration within Engagedly

Navigation: Settings > Integrations

1. Select LinkedIn Learning from the list of integrations. 

2. Under the General section, click on the toggle button to Enable Connection and click Save.

3. Click Add under LinkedIn Credentials and enter the copied Client ID and Client secret from LinkedIn Learning. Click Save.
4. Once you save the settings, a toaster message will confirm that the credentials have been successfully added and the course sync process has started and it may take some time to sync all the courses to Engagedly.

Configure Reporting Integrations

Navigation: Settings > Integrations > LinkedIn Learning

1. Under OAUTH2 Provider Details, Click Add.


2. Enter an application name and click Save.


3. Next, navigate to the LinkedIn Learning admin interface as an administrator.

4. Hover over Me in the top-right corner and select Integrate.


5. Select the Configure Reporting Integration section.

6. Expand Configure xAPI and click on Add integration.


7. Enter the Integration name and select Email under User Type.

8. Next, copy the OAuth Server URL, Tenant Server URL, Client Key, and Secret Key from Engagedly and paste them under the respective fields.

9. Once done, click Enable. 


Adding Learners

As an administrator, navigate to the LinkedIn Learning admin interface

1. Hover over Add in the top-right corner and select Add Learners.


2. Click on Add new users and select Add users by email or Add users by CSV. Follow the instructions to successfully add learners. This completes the integration setup between Engagedly and LinkedIn Learning.


Note: Choose Add users by CSV to add more than 50 users. The learner's email Id must match the organization's email Id.