Manage a Performance Review Template

After creating a template, admins can edit it if required.

Navigate to Performance > Templates.

You can view a list of templates. Click the Filter Filter-Oct-17-2023-07-02-02-8990-AM Icon to filter them based on

  • Name, created by, categories, last updated, and status
  • Active and archived templates
  • Published to library

Click the Star Star Grey-2 Icon on any template to mark it as a favourite. You can enable Only Favourites to view the favourite templates.

On each template, click the Overflow Overflow Menu-Oct-11-2023-07-43-45-1628-AM Menu for the following actions:

  • Edit

Note: Any changes will not be reflected in the templates already shared with the employees. You have to unassign the template and assign the edited template to the employees.

While editing, you can assign, delete, make a copy, preview, publish to library, change owner, and share the template with any employees.

Note: If you share the template with any employees, you and the employee(s) you shared with can manage the template. However, if you change the owner of the template, you cannot access the template.

  • Assign

Note: You must add the template to a cycle before assigning it to the employees.

  • Delete
  • Make a Copy to duplicate the template before editing it, which allows you to reuse the original template anytime if required.
  • Preview

Note: You must add the template to a cycle to preview.

  • Publish to Library to make the template available for others. After publishing, you can see Yes in the In Library field.

Note: Employees with admin permission can view, access, and edit the templates in the library.

  • Export the template in PDF format.
  • Archive the template to hide it if it is not actively used.

Manage Template1