Manage check-ins

The check-in creator can manage it as required.

Navigate to Check-Ins > Org Check-Ins.

  1. Click a check-in on the left side to open an expanded view on the right side.
  2. Click the Overflow Overflow Menu-Nov-20-2023-05-10-31-0841-AM Menu for additional actions.
  3. Select the option as required.
  • Pause Check-In: You cannot edit the paused check-in. Follow the same procedure to resume the check-in.
  • Edit: Editing check-in questions will affect both completed and missed check-ins. It is recommended to add new questions rather than editing existing ones, as this will impact upcoming check-ins.
  • Delete: You cannot revert deleted check-ins.
  • Manage Columns: You can manage the columns while exporting. The exported Excel report contains all employee demographic details.
  • Export: You can export the employees details who responded to this check-in in Excel.

Manage Check-in