Manager review visibility for employees

Manager review visibility for employees is essential in the performance review cycle. If the manager review is not visible to the employees, the sign-off process will not initiate.

While creating a cycle, in the Process Configuration, admins can enable the option Make manager review visible to employee immediately upon submission. If it is not enabled, you can enable review visibility even after creating a cycle. While configuring the cycle, you can allow managers to make their reviews visible to the employees.

Note: If a skip-level manager is involved in the review process, the employees can view the manager’s review only after the skip-level manager approves the manager’s review.

You can enable managers’ review visibility for individual or multiple employees.

Navigate to Performance > Cycles.

  1. Click MANAGE on the cycle where you want to manage the visibility.

Enable managers’ review visibility for individual employee

  2.   In the Process tab, scroll to the right.

  3.   In the Visibility Setting column, hover over the employee status and click the Edit edit grey-3 Icon.

    4.    Click ENABLE.

Manage Review Visibility1

Note: In the Visibility Setting column, the Edit edit grey-3 Icon appears after the

  • Manager submits the review.
  • Skip-level manager (if involved) approves the review.


  2.   Click the Overflow Overflow Menu-Oct-11-2023-07-43-45-1628-AM Menu for any employee and select Enable Review Visibility.

  3.   Click ENABLE.

Manage Review Visibility2

Note: The Enable Review Visibility option is available after the

  • Manager submits the review.
  • Skip-level manager (if involved) approves the review.

Enable managers’ review visibility for multiple employees

  2.   Click ACTIONS and scroll down.

  3.   In the Allow Employees to View Manager’s Review field, select Enable.

  4.   Click SELECT.

Manage Review Visibility3

  5.   Select individual or multiple employees as required.

  6.   Click SHOW and click ENABLE.

Manage Review Visibility4

You can also make the manager's review visibility for employees on their review form.

  • Click the View Form View Form Icon on any employee.
  • Click Change below the reviewer’s name and click YES.

Manage Review Visibility5