Mark Learners as Attended the Training Session

Marking a learner as attended the training session refers to acknowledging that a learner has successfully completed a specific training program. This helps update learning records and ensure that the learners are completing mandatory or recommended training sessions.

To mark learners as attended the training session:

Step 1: Navigate to Admin > Learning > Courses and select a course.0

Step 2: Go to the Training Session section and click ATTENDING.1-Apr-21-2023-10-14-50-6776-AM

Admins can mark individual or multiple learners as attended the training session.

Mark Individual Learner as Attended

  • Under the "Status" column of any learner, select Attended from the drop-down.
  • Click CONFIRM on the confirmation pop-up.

Mark Multiple Learners as Attended

  • Click the ACTIONS drop-down, and select Change status as Attended.3-Apr-21-2023-10-14-50-4148-AM
  • Select learners OR select the checkbox above the learners list to select all learners and click ATTENDED.4-Apr-21-2023-10-14-50-5449-AM
  • Click CONFIRM on the confirmation pop-up.