Notify users in perormance review

HR/Admins can notify individual and multiple users with pending actions in the performance review to ensure that the users complete the review process on time.

You can notify the following users with their pending actions:

  • Employee with pending self-review
  • Manager with the pending review
  • Skip-level manager with the pending review
  • Additional reviewer with the pending review
  • Managers with One on One
  • Users with pending sign-off

Navigate to Performance > Cycles.

  1. Click MANAGE on the cycle where you want to notify the users.

Notify individual users

  2.   In the Status column, hover over any user and click the Bell Bell Grey-2 Icon.

  3.   Edit the subject and message if required, and click NOTIFY.


Notify multiple users

  2.   Click ACTIONS, and in the Notify field, select whom you want to notify and click SELECT.


  3.   Select the users as required and click NOTIFY.

  4.   Edit the Subject and Message if required, and click NOTIFY.