Praise Your Team Member for Completing IDP

Praising the team member for completing IDP includes positive feedback, recognition for the effort and time invested in the process, and appreciation for the commitment to personal and professional development. Praising can also help to encourage employees to continue learning and growing, as they feel valued and supported by the organization.

To praise your team member for completing IDP: 

Step 1: Navigate to  Growth > My Team.

Step 2: By default, you can praise your direct reports, you can also praise your secondary and entire team members. Click the Filter Master Component-1 Icon and select My Secondary Team or My Entire Team to praise your secondary or entire team members for completing their IDPs.
3-Apr-12-2023-12-54-15-4373-PMStep 3: Select an employee under "My Team" and click the Public Praise Displaying Praise.png Icon.

Step 4: Type your praise remarks and tags, upload a praise picture from the "Picture Library" or "My Computer" if required, and click POST.

Step 5: You can also praise using Marissa AI.