Reactions to a Post

Reactions are fast ways to show feelings with emojis (like smiley faces) on Social. They make it easier to interact with posts and share how you feel. You can do the following activities to a Post:

Navigate to Home > Social.

Like and Unlike a Post

  • Click Like to like a post and click it again to unlike it.

Like a post

React to a Post 

  • Click the React smile-Plus Icon to choose a reaction emoji and click it to react to a post.

react to a post

Comment on a Post

  • In the Add Comment field, type your comment and click ADD.
  • You can attach a file to the comment. Click ATTACH below the Add Comment field, select the file, and click OK.


Manage a Comment

You can manage the comments by editing and deleting them.

Note: You can edit or delete only your comment.

  1. Click the Overflow Menu Overflow Menu-Aug-10-2023-03-16-41-2641-PM Icon at the top right of the comment, select Edit, make changes, and click SAVE
  2. Select Delete to delete your comment.

Manage a comment