Schedule reports

Admins can schedule reports, streamlining and automating the process of generating and delivering specific reports. Organizations can ensure timely access to critical information about employees by scheduling reports.

You can download employees’ reports from different modules.

You can request and schedule the reports for the following:

  • Employees demographic details and their hierarchy
  • Performance overall rating
  • 360 Feedback
  • Learning
  • Survey
  • Talent profile

Navigate to Settings > Schedule Reports > Available Reports.

You can download a sample template for reference.

Click the Download Sample file for any module.

You can request the reports and schedule their download as required.

Click Request Now to request the report, and click Schedule to schedule the recurrence for downloading the reports.

Available reports1

While requesting and scheduling reports, you can select the

  • Cycle for the Performance and 360 Feedback modules
  • Course or learning path in the Learning module
  • Survey in the Survey module
  • Delivery channel


  • If you select the delivery channel, you will receive the reports automatically into it.
  • If you do not select the delivery channel, you can download the reports from the History tab.

While scheduling, you must set up the recurrence, set up the frequency, and click Save.

Available reports2


  • You can schedule daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annual frequency as required.
  • If you select the frequency
    • Weekly: You can schedule the reports for a particular day.
    • Monthly: You can schedule the reports for a particular day or date.
    • Quarterly: You can schedule the reports for a particular quarter.
    • Annually: You can schedule the reports for a particular month.

You can view the scheduled reports.

Click Scheduled Reports for any module.

Available reports3

Click the Overflow Overflow Menu-3 Menu at the top right of each request and select Edit or Delete as required.

Note: If you delete any request, it deletes the same request from the History tab.

Available reports4

Click the scheduled reports to track their status, whether pending or completed.

Available reports5

After the reports are ready, they are automatically downloaded to any channel that you have selected during scheduling.

You can also download them from the History tab.

Navigate to Settings > Schedule Reports > History.

Click the Download Download Grey-1 Icon.

You can set the occurrence period to filter the reports for a particular time.

Available reports6