Update Top Level Goals

Only admins can update the Top Level Goals in an organization.

Navigate to Admin > Goals > Top Level Goals.

    1.    Select the Goal and click Update.

Update a Goal admin

    2.    In the Update Goal window, type the increment value to achieve the Goal if the Goal                                measurement type is Percentage or Quantity.

Note:  If the Goal measurement type is a Milestone, mark the checkbox as completed.

    3.    Click the Chat Chat grey Icon and add your comment, if required.

    4.    Click View More to view all the Key Results associated with the Goal and update them                             as required.

    5.    In the Overall Comment field, add your comments if required, and click Save.

Note: You can type @ to mention the employee's name who can view the Goals progress and discussions.

Update a Goal admin1

You can also update the individual Goals of any employees.

Navigate to Admin > Goals > Goals Directory.

  1. Select an employee and a Goal, and click Update.
  2. Follow the above steps.