Update/Check-in to my Goal

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Once you set your goals, it is important to regularly update them to reflect any progress made. You can easily update your goal progress as below:

  • You can access pending Check-Ins from the link below the Overview tab.
  • Or select any Goal for which you wish to update the progress made.
  • In the Goal Details page, view all goal-related information and Check-In history.
  • Click Check-In to view options for updating goal progress.
  • If you have added Key Results, you will be able to update progress only by checking into your Key Results. The corresponding progress changes will be reflected on your main Goal.
  • If you have assigned weights to your Key Results, then the overall progress will be calculated based on the weights set.
  • You can also set the status of your Goal: Not Started, In Progress, Behind, At Risk and Achieved.
  • Click Submit to complete Check-In.