View and export survey responses

The authors can view the respondents’ responses and export their reports in Excel format.

Navigate to Surveys and click the Surveys tab.

  1. Select Authored by You from the drop-down.
  2. Click the survey where you want to view the respondents’ responses.

Manage a Survey1

    3.    In the Assignments tab, click Responses on any assignment to view the responses for the specific assignment.


          Go to the Responses tab.

You can filter the responses based on the date range, specific assignment, question wise, and individual responses.

  • Click the Calendar Schedule Icon on the right to set the date range.
  • Click the Filter Filter-4 Icon on the right and select the assignment in the All Assignments drop-down.
  • Click the Question Summaries or Individual Responses tab to view the responses as required.

View and export responses1-1

The question summaries provide insights, allowing you to understand the statistics of the responses collected at each question level.

The individual responses provide you with the responses of each individual. However, you cannot view the respondents’ names.

You can view the reports based on the grid view and list view.

  • In the grid view, you can export individual and aggregated respondents' reports through email.

Click the Overflow Overflow Menu-Aug-10-2023-03-16-41-2641-PM Menu on the right and select the option as required.

  • Individual Report Export to export individual respondent’s reports.
  • Aggregated Report Export to export all respondents’ reports.

You will receive the reports via email.

View and export responses2-2

  • In the list view, you can manage the columns, export data into your system, and export individual and all respondent’s reports through email.

Click the Overflow Overflow Menu-Nov-20-2023-05-10-31-0841-AM Menu and select the options as required.

Note: You can view the external respondents' names and email IDs if they have provided their details.

View and export responses3-2