View Team Pulse reports

The reports visually represent the statistical summary of the employees’ submission responses and managers' reviews. You can view the reports of:

  • Employees response rate
  • Managers review rate

 Navigate to Team Pulse > Reports.

You can view the reports based on the

  • Department/Business Units/Locations
    Click the Filter Filter-4 Icon and select the group in the View By drop-down menu, and select the specific group, as required.
  • The number of days
    Set the Period from the drop-down menu to view the reports for the number of days.


You can view the details of response and review rates of the groups such as Departments, Business Units, Locations, Managers, and Employees. You can custom-select the period.

  1. Click View Details, set the Period.
  2. Select the group in the drop-down menu and select the specific group, as required.


You can nudge the

  • Employees for low submission rates
  • Managers for low review rates

 Learn more in Nudge employees and managers in Team Pulse.

Question-Level Reports

The reports will be generated based on the question type.

Click Select Questions, select the question and click Select Questions.

Click the Filter Master Component-1-1 Icon to generate reports based on Active and Inactive questions.


 Note: You can view the responses to Private Questions from the Manage Questions tab. 

You can rearrange the questions after generating the reports, as required.

Drag the Six Dot Group 6-1 Icon on the question's left to rearrange the questions.

You can remove the generated report.

Click the Overflow Menu menu1 Icon at the top right on the generated report of a question and click Remove Report.

You can summarize Team Pulse responses with Marissa AI.

After generating the report, click Summarize at the top right of the report to get the summarized responses.

Note: Marissa AI can summarize responses only for the open-ended question type.