Overview of Global Settings

If the admin makes any changes in the global settings, it will reflect the settings for everyone in the organization. It is a centralized approach to streamline administrative tasks, saving time and effort. It helps to ease maintenance and better management, which helps to apply the changes to all users automatically.

You can perform the following actions in the global settings:

Navigate to Settings > Global Settings.

  • Document Upload Settings: You can define rules and restrictions for uploading and managing documents within an organization’s systems. You can enable
    • document upload by the managers
    • document upload by the users
    • notify the managers when the users upload the documents
  • Password Policy: It empowers you to enforce secure password practices for all users within the organization. You can define password policy and requirements, enhancing the organization’s cybersecurity by reducing the risk of unauthorized access and data breaches.
  • User Settings: You can configure and control various aspects of user accounts, user profiles, user preferences, access permissions, and diversity and inclusion data. User settings simplify user management for you and promote a seamless user experience across the organization. You can create a user management field using the option Custom Field.
  • Login Screen Settings: You can customize the appearance of the login page for all users. You can apply the organization’s branding elements, such as name, logo, and about the organization, to create a consistent look.
  • Color Themes: You can customize the visual styles of the organization's branding colors to define the overall look and feel of the user interface.

Global Settings are powerful tools that help admins maintain consistency, security, and efficiency in management across the organization. It contributes to a cohesive and secure digital environment while streamlining administrative tasks and ensuring compliance with organizational policies.