Add and manage Automation workflow

An automation workflow is a series of automated actions triggered based on the admins' specific conditions. It reduces manual effort, ensuring consistent and efficient execution of tasks. It is highly beneficial for you in various ways:

  • It helps admins organize and manage complex processes.
  • It saves time by automating tasks.
  • It ensures the tasks are performed consistently, with improved accuracy.
  • It increases productivity by automating repetitive tasks.

You can add workflows for sending email notifications and assigning courses, learning paths, and surveys to the employees of your organization.

Navigate to Settings > Automation.

  1. Click Add Workflow and type the title.
  2. Select the Trigger Point that will initiate the automation.
  3. Set the Conditions for when the automation should trigger. You can select multiple conditions as required.
  4. Select Actions that will be performed when the automation is triggered. You can select multiple actions as required.
  5. Click Save at the top right to automate the workflow.

The workflow should run automatically based on the specified trigger points, conditions, and actions. By any chance, if the workflow is not running, you can click Run to trigger it manually.

  • Hover over the workflow and click the Overflow Menu Overflow Menu-Aug-10-2023-03-16-41-2641-PM Icon to edit, pause, run, and delete it.
  • Click the Filter Master Component-1-1 Icon to sort the active and paused workflows.

Note: The paused workflows will not trigger until you Resume them.

Automation workflows are valuable tools for admins to optimize their administrative processes effectively.