Assign Survey automation workflow

Automation is used to trigger workflow within the organization. It is a series of automated actions that are triggered based on specific conditions set by the admins. Only the admins can add automation workflow. Learn more in Add and manage Automation Workflow.

You can add workflows for conducting surveys to the employees of your organization.

Navigate to Settings > Automation.

  1. Click Add Workflow and type the title.
  2. Select the Trigger Point that will initiate the automation.
  3. Set the Conditions for when the automation should trigger. You can select multiple conditions as required.
  4. In the Select Action drop-down menu, select Assign survey.

You can view all the Surveys created by you, or for which you are a co-author.

Note: You cannot view the Surveys created by others.

    5.    Click the Survey you want to assign and click Next.


    6.    Click Choose existing Assignments, select the assignment, and click Assign.

Note: You can view the Surveys created by you and the assignments created by co-authors. Only the assignments that you share within the organization are available here. If the assignment is closed, you can open and assign it.


          Click Create New Assignment, type the title, modify the email message if required, set the start and end dates, and click Create.


Note: You can schedule the action to assign the Survey to the respondents for a specific period.

    7.    Click Save at the top right to automate the workflow.

After configuring the workflow, when employees are added, the Survey will be automatically assigned to them based on the specified trigger points, conditions, and actions.