Add and manage milestones for employee IDP

After creating the IDP for employees, admins can add milestones to it to measure employees' progress toward it. After adding milestones, you can manage them anytime.

Navigate to Growth > My Org.

Soon after creating an IDP, you are directed to a page where you can add milestones manually or use Marissa AI to add them based on your IDP. However, you can add the milestones anytime.

Add milestone1

Add milestones manually

  1. Click the Plus Plus-4 Icon on an IDP where you want to add milestones.

Add milestone2 - Copy

  2.   Type the description for the milestone and set the due date.

  3.   Click the Add Resources drop-down and select the option as required.

You can add library courses or learning paths to IDP milestones, which support employees' skill development, align their goals with organizational objectives, and facilitate ongoing learning and growth within the organization. You can add multiple resources to a milestone.

Add milestone3 (admin)

 4.   On the right side, select the resources and click Add at the top right.

Add milestone4 (admin)-1

After adding resources, hover over them to remove them if required.

  5.   Click Attach to upload any resources saved on your computer if required.

  6.   Click Add.

Add milestone5 (admin)

Use Marissa to add milestones

Soon after creating an IDP, you are directed to a page where you can add milestones to it using Marissa AI. However, you can add the milestones anytime.

  2.   Follow step 1 and click Cancel at the bottom.

Add milestone6-1

  3.   Click Ask Marissa and click the Tick Grey Tick-1 Icon to accept the milestone or the Cancel Close-2 Icon to reject it.

You can click the Marissa Marissa Icon again to regenerate the milestones.

Add milestone7

Manage milestones

After adding milestones to the IDP, you can manage them if required.

Note: You can edit and delete milestones only if you configure the settings.

Hover over the milestone and select the Delete or Pencil icon to manage it as required.

Select the milestone to mark it as completed.

Drag the Six Dot Six dot Icon to reorder the milestones.

Add milestone8

After marking a milestone as completed, follow the same procedure to revert it and make it active.